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About Us

ConceptStudios’ philosophy and practices are founded on the belief that architecture is a service to people as it is divine. We follow in the footsteps of the first Architect and builder, God Almighty, who designed, created and formed the earth. Hence we strive daily through a sense of excellence, perfection, dedication and professionalism to carry out this divine assignment.

Recreating people’s
environment one
building at a time.

In the centre of our practice is our architectural studio, however we work a little differently. ConceptStudios Limited is a multi-disciplinary design and build firm, where the collaborative efforts of architects and Master Builders are combined under one roof. Architecture is unified with construction from the onset as one process, delivered as one solution. This creates a stress free process for our clients who only have to interface with one team of people throughout their project journey.

Since 2007, our team of creative individuals have used their great imaginative capacities to rule their sphere of contact. They are enhanced through technological innovations to explore design possibilities in the third dimension to produce the buildings of the future today


To develop and showcase true architecture on the cityscapes of major cities in the world. Creating inspiring forms and spaces optimized for people. Improving the quality of lives, through use of innovations and creativity in the design of people’s environment and surroundings.

We believe that human well-being is directly affected by their environment, hence we strive to use creativity and innovations to structure the built-up environment in a way that it meets the needs of people while being in harmony with the particulars of its surroundings. We ensure our designs are sensitive to culture, the community and climate of the location.


To be a global icon of creativity and innovations in the built-up environment. Defining the way tomorrow’s buildings will be forged. We look to set the standards for tomorrow’s buildings today.

We believe that buildings are designed to meet the needs of people. Using advances in technology, innovations and changes in human behaviour we produce designs that meet these needs. The way we frame our buildings are influenced by technological advancement and the continuous pursuit of environmental sustainability and green architecture.


Concept Studios people have:







In every journey having a map makes it easy to plan and embark on. This is as well true for a business; developing a system for each business operations ensures that the wheel is not always reinvented on every task assigned to staff and consistency is guaranteed in quality delivery.

We at ConceptStudios Limited Believe that a quality management system is key for Quality assurance to our clients, and in the long run for the success of our business.

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